Ms. Salo enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities to foster a love of music and horn playing. Currently, she teaches through the University of Evansville Community Conservatory. Ms. Salo is available to teach private lessons, give sectional classes, and coach ensembles. Please contact her for current availability and rates.

Private Lessons

In private lessons, Ms. Salo focuses on developing the fundamentals of horn playing, including tone production, flexibility, range, articulation, phrasing, and basic music theory. As students master these skills, Ms. Salo helps them refine their playing and develop their musicianship through standard etudes and solo works. She encourages her students to perform as often as they can, and she organizes annual studio performance opportunities. To sign up for lessons, please contact Ms. Salo.

Classes and Ensemble Coaching

Ms. Salo is the current director of the University of Evansville Youth Horn Choir, which provides an opportunity for 5th-12th grade students to experience playing in a horn choir. Additionally, Ms. Salo serves as a sectional coach for the Evansville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. During the summer, she is a faculty member at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and the UE Wesley Shepard Summer Music Camp. Previous experience includes serving as the natural horn teaching assistant at the Eastman School of Music, where she coached undergraduate students in weekly classes on historical performance and organized natural horn studio recitals.

Youth Horn Choir

Students in 5th-12th grades are invited to join the University of Evansville Youth Horn Choir. The ensemble will meet for 4-6 weeks each semester (November-December in the fall, and March-May in the spring). Students will have the opportunity to develop their technique and musicianship, as well as to improve ensemble skills including tuning, balance, and blending. Repertoire will include standard horn choir pieces and familiar tunes, and the ensemble will perform a final concert on UE’s campus. Learn more and register here!

The Spring 2022 Youth Horn Choir performs Star Wars